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Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping - 1 days

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    • Nepal’s 2nd highest Bungee Jumping into a deep ravine of Bhote Koshi River.

    • Enjoy an ever exhilarating moments of a lifetime adrenaline adventurous jump.

    • Take a deep breath before you jump into a blissful moments of your life time.

    • Explore the beautiful country of Nepal’s mid green hills dotted with farms villages.

    • An exciting drive on the famous Friendship Highway of Nepal and Tibet / China.
Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping is the first adrenaline adventure sport in Nepal, established by Last Resort in 2001. The Jump takes place from a suspension bridge high above the raging Bhote Koshi River. Which flows from the glacier of Central Himalayan peaks, and borders Tibet / China, hence the name Bhote. 

Bhote for Tibet and Koshi for Rivers in Nepal, the border of Tibet / China is at a mere distance. From the Last Resort, where Bungee Jumping is stationed, the jump of 160 m / 525 feet. Heading down to the surface of Bhote Koshi River, where you almost touch the water of the river Bhote Koshi.

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping of international standards and quality, with safety measures, are taken, assuring all the interested jumpers.
Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping being the first adventure kind of adventure sport, is quite popular among wide-world travelers. As well for young Nepali folks who are much keen at present taking part in all kinds of adventurous activities.

The Bungee Jumping at Bhote Koshi of Last Resort is about a 100 km distance drive from Kathmandu. The drive of 2-3 hours on a winding scenic road following the Bhote Koshi River for an hour to Last Resort. The Jump is done from a platform in the middle of the strong bridge. 
Where the expert guide and instructors will brief you on safety precautions and check your health and physical fitness. So that one can enjoy the thrills without any medical problems or ill health conditions.

The Jumps are strictly supervised by the instructors as you get tied by a long strong ropes. Take a deep breath for an exciting adventurous Jump as the staff and instructors order you with the time of the Jump.  

With a big Jump feeling in high spirits, either stay in the comfort of a nice environment at Last Resort. For other adventures like white water rafting etc. or drive back to Kathmandu. After an overwhelming adrenalin experience on Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping.
Please note:
For interested people instead of driving back to Kathmandu, can enjoy few days more for other adventure activities. Like white-water rafting, kayaking or cannoning on water falls. As well enjoying hike around the rural farm villages of great cultural interest.  
Detailed Day Itinerary:
The morning after breakfast our staff will receive you from the hotel, or at a pickup point. A drive on a 100 km stretch to the Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping location at Last Resort. The drive of a few hours heading east beyond Kathmandu valley and past the outskirt of Bhaktapur city. Towards the old town of Dhulikhel a beautiful place for stunning views of Himalayan peaks. The drive heads down to Dolalghat town where Bhote Koshi and Melamche Rivers join to make the great Sun-Koshi River. The drive heads across the bridge with a short climb to follow the Bhote Koshi River upstream past Balfe, Lamasangu, and Barabise town. 
Then reaching the roadside, a mere distance to the border of Nepal and Tibet / China. Carrying the needful items walk across the long suspension bridge above Bhote Koshi River.
Then reaching at Last Resort for a refreshing rest and drinks in the beautiful surroundings of green hills and garden. As the time for the Jump walk back to the bridge, where the Bungee Jumping platform is located in the middle of the bridge.  
Getting ready for the Jump, the instructor will brief you on safety measures, and be assured of an exciting and enjoyable jump. After being equipped with a safety harness and ropes tied to your feet. As per the command of the instructor then take a Jump; for a big plunge close to the surface of fast running Bhote Koshi River. After a few minutes of completing the Jump and swinging, the staff will hold you and unfasten the ropes. Relaxing for sometimes after an exciting exhilarating moments of a lifetime experience on adrenaline adventurous jump. 
Then walk up to the bridge and rest at the Last Resort for possible good lunch and then head back to Kathmandu. After a great wonderful adventure on Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping.

Important Note

Bungee Put-in-Point: From high suspension bridge over Bhote Koshi.
Jumping Grade: Adventurous to Challenging Thrills. 
Jump duration: Less than a minute, but takes 3-4 hours of drives 
                                                         to reach Jumping point from Kathmandu.
Driving Distance: Approx. 100 k.m / 63 miles.

The best seasons for Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping:
Nearly all seasons of the year, except for the wet monsoon and high flows of Bhote Koshi River with fast currents. During the months of mid-June, July and August the heavy monsoon period in Nepal. The best is spring from March to May and autumn / fall from September to November. Can enjoy during winter times of December to February also. But the morning and late afternoon can be cold. 

Trip Itinerary

Not satisfied with this itinerary? Make your own.


    • Transportation either by car, coach or tourist standard bus to the starting
 point of Bungee Jumping and vice-versa.

    • Lunch at Last Resort Restaurant.

    • All needful precaution for Bungee Jumping with drives both ways.

Doesn't Include

    • Expenses of personal nature and tipping to the drivers and staff of Bungee 
 Jumping of Last Resort. 

    • Hotels, breakfast and dinner, which will be own arrangement or
 request Everest Adventure Tour for booking.

    • Extra overnights at Last Resorts on own arrangement or inform ETA for 
 booking the rooms after enjoying the Bungee Jumping.

    • Interested people for Rafting Bhote Koshi for a day on own arrangement if not can book with Everest Adventure Tour.


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