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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek - 18 days

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    • A classic trek and adventure around the restricted areas of Upper Manaslu.

    • Explore the traditional villages from low warm farm areas to mountainous zone.

    • Interesting cultures of Tibetan Buddhism around high, remote region of Gorkha.

    • Walk within beautiful and picturesque Manaslu valley enclosed with giant peaks.

    • Traverse from Manaslu Valley and Gorkha district to Manang via Larke-La pass.
‘adventure around Mt. Manaslu Himalaya range the world’s 8th highest peaks’
Manaslu Circuit Trek an adventure around the restricted areas of Nepal, the Upper Manaslu Valley, was closed and forbidden. For many years it was opened in 1991, and at the present limited flow of trekkers are allowed to enter.
Where all visitors require a special permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek, due to its close border with Tibet. As well as preserving its natural beautiful environment, Manaslu at one time an important trade route of Trans Himalaya. 
For Salt and other goods across the border, where a caravan of yaks and mules passed through. The trade and exchange of spices and goods still exist but in a smaller number than in early days.
An exciting, mesmerizing adventure Manaslu Circuit treks, the trail follows covering all four corners of the massif Manaslu Himalaya range.
Mt. Manaslu towers high in between Lamjung and Annapurna Himalaya in the west with Ganesh Himal towards the east. Mt. Manaslu is on the list of 8th world highest peaks at 8,163 m / 26, 781 feet high. Located in the Mansiri Himal of Nepal North Mid-West Himalaya, the first conquest was in 1956 by the Japanese Expedition. Which was supported by Nepalese climbers, since then it remained closed to outside visitors until the last past two decades. 
At present Manaslu Circuit is getting more popular among worldwide adventurers and trekkers to explore the formerly forbidden country.
Manaslu Circuit Trek involves an interesting long drive to start and end the adventure. The trek begins reaching the small town of Machha-Khola, after an overland journey from Kathmandu. Situated around low warm farm areas of Gorkha district, where walk follows the Budhi-Gandaki River upstream.
On leaving the low sub-tropical country for cooler hills at Jagat village and the main entrance to Upper Manaslu. The trek leads through several traditional farm villages, on entering the strong Tibetan Buddhism religion and culture.  
The uphill high trail leads to the lovely settlements of Philim, Deng, and Namrung to Lo village. An attractive village with close views of majestic Mt. Manaslu North Face with a range of peaks. Located amidst beautiful scenic surroundings of green tall trees of pines and rhododendron. 
The walk follows west to Sama-Gaon the main major village around Upper Manaslu, the vantage point for various adventure destinations. 
The route to Manaslu base camp, and scenic areas of Birendra Tal, a glacial pond, and Pungyen Gompa/monastery. As well it leads to Nepal and Tibet border and towards the high Larke-La pass our ultimate destination.
At Sama-Gaon have an extra day for acclimatization, and exploring its scenic areas. Including the impressive cultures of age-old traditional heritage, from Sama-Gaon, the adventure continues towards Manaslu Valley's western rim at Larke Phedi. This small place with few huts serving as lodges, also called Dharmasala, is a shelter for travelers. The real and true adventures begin from Dharmasala or Phedi, starting early morning, following a steep ridge with a climb.
Heading across moraine and glaciers on undulating winding ups to the top of Larke-La pass. The highest point of the adventure, the pass adorned with colorful prayer flags, faces a jaw-dropping panorama of Himalayan peaks.
From the pass, a long descent to reach the bottom of a pass at Bhimthang, entering the district of Manang. A pleasant lovely settlement amidst beautiful woodland, slowly the walks come to an end reaching Dharapani village.
Spending the last final overnight stop at Dharapani village and then on the road to Kathmandu. A long and exciting drive through the nice farm villages and towns and then on the main highway to Kathmandu. Reaching Kathmandu our wonderful adventure of great memorable experience on the Manaslu Circuit concludes.

Important Note

Trek Mode: On best available Tea-House / Lodge basis.
Trek Grade: Moderate to Adventurous Walks.
Highest point: On top Larke-La Pass 5,106 m /16,752 feet high.              
Area of Trek: Nepal North Mid-West of Gandaki Zone and Manaslu region.
Trek duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days with drives both ways.
Total Trip: 17 Nights and 18 Days from main arrival to final departures.
The Best Seasons for Manaslu Circuit Trek:
Manaslu Circuit, the best seasons are spring and autumn/fall. The spring starts from March to May, when days are longer with enough sunlight hours. 
Normally the morning till mid-afternoon days are clear for views and scenic walks can get overcast late afternoon sometime. Can expect snowfalls, with cold morning and nighttime, and the mid-hills covered in the forest will be bright with wildflowers; in seasonal bloom. Especially the rhododendron of various colors from tall trees to a bush, which is the national flower of Nepal.

The next high season is autumn/fall, from September to November, most days are fine and crystal clear. One can enjoy pleasant walks along with glorious views of surrounding snow-capped peaks. Days are much shorter due to limited sunlight hours, cold afternoons, and nights till morning time. Can get snowfall sometimes, but with a bright starry night sky. 

Culture and Religion around North Gorkha, Manaslu and Manang Region:
The native of the Manaslu Region populated by the Gurung, and Magar tribes. Interwoven with mixed cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism religions, but higher up from Jagat and Philim onwards. Entering the region of strong Buddhism, known as the Mahayana religion of Nyingma or Tibetan Buddhism sects. 
The higher Manaslu valley natives are Bhote people, who have migrated from South West Tibet around 15th to 16th Century. The culture and heritage are similar to its Tibetan ancestors and predecessors.

The Manaslu Bhot people, celebrate various religious events and festivals, the main events are Saga Dawa, the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. 
As well Tibetan New Year called Gyalbo Losar, which falls during the month of February or 1st week of March. According to Tibetan Buddhism Lunar Calendar of animals and birds life cycles. On treks trekkers will come across Buddhist monuments of prayer walls, spinning wheels and monasteries. 

Trip Itinerary

On arrival at Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport, after clearing the visa formalities, and claiming the baggage. Head towards departure exit, where our staff receives you for a short transfer to the hotel. After getting refreshed join on the lobby with other members for Manaslu Circuit trek briefing, provided by our guide, leader. On briefing full information of the treks, and hotels in Kathmandu as well of local cultures with do’s and don’ts. Evening a lovely dinner introduction to Nepali foods with exciting cultural programs. 

Morning after breakfast, our city / cultural guide takes you on a tour visiting world heritage sites around Kathmandu city. Includes Old Durbar Square / Palace Courtyard, residence of Living Goddess the Kumari; and to Swayambhunath Stupa with more 2,600 years of history. Then head towards holy Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath a huge Buddhist Stupa. After an exciting and interesting tour back to hotel, preparation and packing for trekking.

Non-essential clothing and items not required for treks, can be stored in the Hotel or with Everest Adventure Tour.   

Starting the Manaslu circuit adventure, early morning for a long and interesting overland journey. Heading beyond Kathmandu valley, and down to low warm farm villages and towns, the drive follows on the main highway. The journey then diverts from the busy road, heading due west across the Trisuli River towards Gorkha areas. Slowly the drive ends on reaching our overnight stop at Machha-Khola, a moderate farm village. Check into a simple and the best lodge available, arriving on time before dinner. 

We have made a short day walk due to long drive of previous day. 
Allowing trekkers to maintain physical fitness to enjoy full circuit trek around Manaslu. Morning from Machha Khola having good breakfast, start the first day hike following a pleasant path and through a gorge. As trail continues up the river on a narrow path with short up and down. Then crossing the Tharo Khola to reach Khorla Besi. After a climb and descending, reaching a small clearing and with few simple huts and tea-houses. The place with natural hot spring known as Tatopani for short refreshing break. From here, walk leads to climb over another ridge, then across the Budhi Gandaki on a suspension bridge. As trail follows up on a stone paved staircase to Dovan for overnight halt. A small farm with few simple lodge to accommodate travelers, check into a nice a lodge for overnight stop. Afternoon free for rest and short walk to explore the village and the surroundings.

Morning from Dovan, after a pleasant overnight the walk starts, upon crossing another suspension bridge over Yaru Khola. From here the trail climbs on stone staircase and then drop to the river, with more stone steps to climb. 
Reaching Tharo Bhanjyang and witness the lovely Gurung villages with lush green forest high above. The walk leads to across the west bank of the Budhi Gandaki River with climb over a ridge. Then the trail leads along the river and with short final climb to the village of Jagat. A nice moderate size village with many good lodges and shops, one of the main market place. For surrounding hills and mountain villagers, as well the main entrance point to Upper Manaslu Restricted Area of Nepal. 

After a good breakfast at the lodge in Jagat, morning walk through various landscapes, and into dense sub-tropical forest. As well crossing small streams and walk past rural farm areas and villages, as adventure continues to our overnight destination. The trail leads uphill over a rocky ridge to Salleri, and then down to Sirdibas. The valley widens as the walk continues towards Ghatta Khola / stream, following the path to cross a suspension bridge. Then reaching a large Gurung village at Philim, from here heading north above the village. Walking on a fairly level path through fields of millet terraces to reach a small settlement of 
Ekle Bhatti. 

The walk then enters a steep, uninhabited gorge with downhill to a grassy slopes, and then across Budhi Gandaki River. The trail gets wider on reaching a bamboo forests to Deng Khola, after crossing the stream towards Deng.   

A nice small village, from here observe the strong influence of Tibetan cultures, then check into a simple good lodge.

From Deng, todays walks leads to one of the most important and culturally significant sections of the adventure. The morning walks leads to cross over Budhi Gandaki River and climb a bit further to Bihi a small place. As walk follows west of the valley through lush green forest and vegetation past quaint farm villages.
Where major giant peaks of the region starts to appear in the distance, the trail heads through Prok. From this village one can enjoy grand views of Sringi Himal, after a refreshing stop. The walk continues to cross Budi Gandaki River several times, then coming across Buddhist prayer monuments and Gompa. As the trail follows the river upstream through dense forest and into a narrow gorge. 
This section of the walk rewards magnificent experience how the Manaslu Conservation Area have preserved to its pristine form. The walk eventually leads to last steep climb of the day to reach Namrung, a lovely village. Provides some good excellent guest houses and lodges with comprehensive food menu to enjoy the overnight in Namrung.

Enjoying a pleasant overnight in Namrung, adventure begins with morning pleasant walk towards another lovely village of Lo-Gaon. From Namrung one can enjoy views of grand snow peaks of Sringi, Ganesh Himal, and Himal Chuli towards south. Once on the trail the walk leads to climb steadily through lovely cool forested path to Lihi. A nice village with many stupas and terraces of barley and buckwheat, as the walk drops across the side valley. Overlooking grand views of Simnang and Ganesh Himal at close distance. The trek continues further along past Sho village to reach Lo-Gaon for overnight stop. Located on a beautiful and scenic landscapes amidst lovely woods of pines and rhododendron, facing majestic view of Mt. Manaslu. Reaching Lo-Gaon transfer into one of its many good lodges, having time to explore this nice village and the Ribung monastery.

Today’s walk towards the main village of Upper Manaslu Valley at Sama-Gaon, morning follows on a pleasant path. Walking on gradual winding trail with few short ups and down to Shyala before reaching Sama-Gaon. On walks enjoy exceptional views of Manaslu, with adjoining high mountains of Himal Chuli and Peak 29 (Ngadi Chuli). As well of Manaslu large glaciers straight ahead includes array of snow-capped peaks towards far end stands Ganesh Himal. 

Slowly walk finally ends for the day reaching Sama-Gaon for two overnights in the comfort of a nice cozy lodge.

At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization before reaching the highest point of the adventure on top Larke-La. Enjoy a leisure refreshing breakfast and then spend the day exploring around Sama-Gaon getting having rest. 

For energetic people can enjoy hike up to a little hill near hill of Sama-Gaon towards an old Pungyen Gompa. A monastery with dramatic grand views of the glacier as well visit the serene glacial pond of Birendra Tal. 

After breakfast in Sama-Gaon, morning walk leads to down to Budhi Gandaki River, the trail follows to a bridge. Encountering several Mani walls as the valley widens after an hour of good scenic walks. Facing grand views of surrounding towering snow peaks, as walk heads close you close to Samdo village.

Finally after hours of nice morning walks reaching Samdo a moderate size village for hundreds of inhabitants. Samdo located on route to Tibet border and towards our next day walks to Dharmasala at Larke Phedi. 

From Samdo, having good breakfast walk leads to the end of Manaslu Valley at Dharmasala. After walking past an old Tibetan market called Larke Bazaar, which was a thriving place in the early days. At present the places is deserted, but the walk continues crossing a wooden bridge. The walk follows with short climb to cross two streams, facing views of Larke Peak Glacier. The trail heads around the valley of the Salka Khola and then climb once again to reach Dharmasala.
Also known as Larke Phedi the bottom of the pass and the end of Manaslu Valley around Northern rim of Gorkha district. Dharmasala with few lodges to stay for lunch and overnight before heading for the climb, early next morning.

The day has come for our ultimate goal and main highlight of the adventure to reach Larke-La Pass. Having good breakfast and carrying packed lunch for the longest day of the trek. Starting as early as possible, heading for the big climb reaching few glacial ponds. After a short steep climb, reaching a wide small plateau on the north side of Larke Glacier. Overlooking great views of Cho Danda and Larke Peak, the walk leads across moraines and glacier with gradual ascent.

Then the climb gets steeper on reaching the last section of the pass, from the top of Larke-La Pass. Enjoy fantastic views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and the towering peaks of Annapurna II. From the pass, a long downhill past Cheo Danda and small place of Larcia, then at the bottom of Larke-La. Reaching back into dense forest at Bhimphedi, also called as Bhimthang. A lovely settlement, located on a green pasture field amidst forest surrounding, a pleasant spot for overnight.

After the long hard and tough day walk, enjoy the comfort of a nice cozy lodge with great foods. 

Most people makes it to Dharapani in a day, but due to the long and tiring walks of previous day. It is best to break the journey with half day, to regain and pull the muscles and strength back to normal. From Bhimphedi, a pleasant walk downhill through dense beautiful woods with short ups to Karche ridge. Enjoy few hours of easy down to a small settlement of Gho for overnight lunch and overnight halt.

From Gho, morning a pleasant last day trek of the adventure enjoy the final walk of journey to Dharapani village. As the trail follows downhill into lovely forest and then reaching a nice village of Tilje for possible lunch stop.

Afternoon a short climb and cross a bridge over Masrsyangdi River, then reaching Dharapani village. Located on the motorable road-side, where Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit joins, a lovely moderate size village Dharapani. 

At Dharapani with many good lodges for overnight halt, enjoy the last night in the comfort of warm cosy lodge. 

Most trekkers take the long overland journey to Kathmandu in a day taking more than 8 hours on 235 km distance. As the road condition on mountainous road can be bumpy ride and tiring. We have set the itinerary flexible driving for short distance about 50 k.m. to Bhesisar, the headquarters town of Lamjung district.

From Dharapani enjoy the morning drive on mountain rough dirt tracks following Masrsyangdi River downstream. The drive leads to Talbesi, the last village of Manang district to enter Lamjung areas. As ride heads down to Chamje, Jagat and long downhill to Syange village, then reaching the low sub-tropical valley.

Following the Masrsyangdi River past Bulbule and Khudi farm areas to reach the large town at Bhesisar. Enjoy the nice comfort in a good hotel and lodge, and having time to explore around the town of great cultural interest.

From Bhesisar town on a nice motorable road, after breakfast enjoy great scenic and exciting drive to Kathmandu. The road shortly joins the main Pokhara and Kathmandu highway at Dumre town. The drive gets better on the busy highway to Mugling Bazaar, following the Trisuli River for some hours. Then on winding uphill to the valley rim, overlooking views of Kathmandu city. After an hour from the valley outskirt reaching into hustle and bustle city life of Kathmandu.

Get transferred to the hotels, having rest of the afternoon at leisure after a great wonderful adventure on Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Final day in Kathmandu and Nepal, as time for your international flight for homeward bound or next port of call. Transfer to Kathmandu, Nepal international airport bidding farewell to your guide and staff, after a marvelous and enjoyable adventure on Manaslu Circuit trek.

Not satisfied with this itinerary? Make your own.


    • All Arrival and Departure Transfer from airport to hotel and vice-versa, vehicles according to group size.  
    • Three Star hotels in Kathmandu on bed 
and breakfast basis only. 

    • Transportation on start of trekking and after trek to and from Kathmandu.
Full board trekking includes twin sharing accommodation on best available 
local lodges, includes Breakfast, lunch, dinner with afternoon tea / snacks.
    • Service of guide, trekking staff as per size of a group with porters.

    • Wages, meals, medical allowance of guides, trekking staff and porters.

    • Applicable Special Trekking Permits for Restricted Areas for Manaslu and
 Tsum Valley. Includes MCA (Manaslu Conservation Area) and ACAP
 (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) Entrance Fees.

    • Comprehensive Medical Kit carried by our guide if required for minor 
wounds and sickness.

    • Sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley as per the itinerary.

    • Welcome or Farewell dinner in Kathmandu.

Doesn't Include

    • Nepal Visa, Personal Medical & Travel Insurance.

    • Expenses of personal nature, meals in Kathmandu and gratitude or tipping
 for trekking staff, drivers, porters and guide, including extra snacks and refreshments.

    • Personal trekking gear, including sleeping bags and down jackets (if it is not
  included on the trip cost).

    • Emergency Evacuation if required by any means of transportation, including
 Helicopter Service.

    • Personal medical kit, as advised by you doctors.

    • Early return from the trek due to personal domestic or medical reasons, no refund will be entertained on breaking the journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

A moderate walk in the beginning for some days, until reaching higher elevation and then it gets adventurous. Especially the long hard climb over Larke-La pass above 5,106 m high. Where all age group can join with minimum of 16 years to maximum of 70 years, but should be in good physical shape. As well with sound medical health to face the challenging walks over Larke-La Pass.

Where all requires to purchase travel and medical insurance from your own country on booking wonderful adventure Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Trekkers will be surprised to find good food menu of varieties, from Tibetan, Nepali, Indian and Chinese to Continental. Includes long list of snacks and drinks for the customer delights in most lodges on treks. 

The lodge accommodation are nice and lovely according to the choices of the trekkers. From budget to standard room accommodation around large villages of Jagat, Namrung to Sama-Gaon till Besisar town. But the lodge around for few overnights like in Machha-Khola, Dovan, Deng and Dharmasala. These places with simple and basic comforts, most lodges on route treks having common bath and toilets. Except in few villages do have attached or non-attached bath and toilets. 

At present Manaslu Circuit trek is gaining more visitors since last decade of time. In the beginning only few group of trekkers use to venture this lovely trekking adventure. But the flow of trekkers and mountaineers are on the increase every good seasons of the year.

All lodges have hydro-power to run electricity, or by solar power, where trekkers can charge their electronic items and gadgets. A fee is charged per hour for each items, as for internet and Wi-Fi, have connection. Depending upon the areas in deep gorge and valley, as well weather wise, can be disturbing with bad receptions. The best place is from Machha-Khola onwards to Samdo villages, other places works well with local SIM. Which can be bought in Kathmandu at reasonable cost. 

Spring season from April and May. The whole areas of Manaslu mid hills will be bright and lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom. Trekkers can observe the wildflowers of all colors and different species. Especially the rhododendron flowers of great variation from tall trees to short bush.

Truly an enchanting place to experience during the spring time of April and May when the hills are alive and bright with wildflowers. Along with pleasant walks and for excellent views of snow-mountain range. The next season is autumn / fall starts from September and ends in November. Best time for Manaslu Circuit trek but the days are much shorter due to limited sunlight hours. Where most days are crystal clear for views and walks, cold morning, late afternoon and night time with chances of snow-fall sometimes. But one of the best time for Manaslu Circuit in autumn season of September to first week of November months.

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