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Kalinchowk Tour and Hike

Kalinchowk Tour and Hike - days

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    • An exclusive scenic and cultural tour of picturesque Kalinchowk, Kuri Bazaar.

    • Sweeping panorama of Langtang and Jugal Himal range of towering snow peaks.

    • Enjoy the dramatic landscapes scenery in the harmony of tranquil surroundings.

    • Kalinchowk a beautiful destination less visited by main flow of foreign travelers.

    • A paradise with enchanting woodland and verdant valleys with stunning scenery
‘a short scenic and cultural tour around the high hills of Dolakha district’ 
Kalinchowk Tour is a great scenic destination not far from the capital Kathmandu city of Nepal. Where all types of travelers and age groups can visit the lovely countryside of Kalinchowk. A beautiful area surrounded by enchanting woodland of tall rhododendron, pines, and fir trees with lovely green meadows. 

Located on the lap of the Central and Eastern Himalayas of Langtang and Jugal Himal range of snow peaks. For most visitors, the place almost resembles Switzerland with its magnificent landscapes of snowy mountains with green forested hills. This nice wonderful location is becoming a favorite weekend holiday destination for local city folks. Where few foreign travelers seldom visit this charming country of Kalinchowk, due to its high altitude of 3,842 m.

Kalinchowk gets covered in deep snow sometimes during the late autumn, winter, or in early springtime. This makes Kalinchowk like any other place of European Alps country villages with its charming setting and location.

An exciting place to visit Kalinchowk, with its lovely stunning scenery of Himalayan snow peaks and green verdant valley. Besides marvelous views the country with nice traditional farm villages enriched with an age-old heritage of both Buddhism and Hindu religions. A wonderful hill destination to enjoy a leisurely and relaxing holiday at Kalinchowk. 
As well as visiting the village and observing the cultures with delightful moments in the comfort of a nice mountain lodge.
The springtime in Kalinchowk and its scenic surroundings will be bright and lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom. For visitors, it will be a paradise on earth with its amazing tranquil environment with glorious views of snow-capped mountains.
Truly a pleasant and wonderful place to be for a day or more in the harmony of serene country landscapes. Enjoy the magnificent scenery with a short hike to the Hindu shrine of Goddess Bhagawati, in the shade of giant Himalayan peaks. 

Important Note

Tour Mode: On best Lodge and Guest House.

Tour Grade: Moderate with touch of high altitude.

Highest point: At Kalinchowk Temple 3,842 m / 12,605 feet high.

Area of Tour: Nepal North Central Himalaya around Dolakha District.

Tour duration: 02 Nights / 03 Days with drives both ways.

The Best Seasons for Kalinchowk Tour:
The best seasons are spring and autumn/fall. The spring starts from March to May when days are longer with enough sunlight hours. Normally the morning till mid-afternoon days are clear for views and scenic walks can get overcast late afternoon sometime. Can expect snowfalls sometimes, with cold mornings and nights, and the hills covered in a lovely forest will be bright with wildflowers. During springtime of March to May. Especially the rhododendron of various colors from tall trees to bush, which is the national flower of Nepal.

The next high season is autumn/fall, from September to November, most days are fine and crystal clear. One can enjoy pleasant walks along with glorious views of surrounding snow-capped peaks. Days are much shorter due to limited sunlight hours, cold afternoons, and nights till morning time. 

Can get snowfall sometimes, but with a bright starry night sky. Travelers can visit during the winter times of December to February. Most days are clear and sunny, but much shorter days due to limited sunlight hours. Cold freezing temperatures in the morning, evening, and night time, chances of snowfall also.

Culture and Religion around Dolakha and Kalinchowk:
The native of Dolakha and around Kalinchowk, are populated by mixed hill tribes of Hindu Chettries and Bharamins. Including Tamang and a few Sherpa people, the indigenous tribes of the Central Himalayas follow Buddhism of Mahayana sect of Nyingma or Tibetan Buddhism. All villages and every house is adorned with Buddhist prayer flags and religious monuments. But the Kalinchowk Hilltop where Hindu Goddess Bhagawati Shrine is located. Visitors will witness Hindu devotees and pilgrims paying homage to the goddess at Kalinchowk shrine.

Trip Itinerary

Morning from Kathmandu depending upon size of a group either in a car, four-wheel drives or in comfortable coach. The journey leads east from the Kathmandu city and the valley towards outskirt of Bhaktapur city. The road climbs to Sanga, a place with a tall statue of Lord Shiva. From here a pleasant ride to Banepa town with uphill to lovely scenic town of Dhulikhel and then downhill. 
As drive leads past Sun Koshi River at Dolalghat and then on winding road up to enter Dolakha district. The drive then heads on dirt unpaved country road heading high with views of snow-capped peaks to reach Kuri Bazaar. 

Where Kalinchowk our destination located, and transfer into a nice homely type resort or guest house for overnight stays. Relaxing the afternoon hours with short walk around village with eye catching views of beautiful terrains of Kalinchowk.

Kalinchowk is recognized as the snowy paradise of Nepal. Located at the altitude of 3,842 m with cool mountain air. Makes you feel refresh, after breakfast enjoy the surrounding magical scenery, and take a short hike famous Kalinchowk Bhagawati Shrine. Apart from prayers and worship, visitors can enjoy the lovely hike with tremendous views of Langtang and Jugal Himal range.

Includes views of Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishankar as far towards Ganesh Himal with series of snow peaks. For people who does not want to take hike can enjoy a ride on a cable car. A ride of 2.5 km distance to Kalinchowk temple, and shrine on top of a hill in just 6 minutes.

Rest of the day explore the Kuri Bazaar at Kalinchowk and observe the local activities and cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism.

After a pleasant time at beautiful location of Kalinchowk, enjoy the overland journey back to Kathmandu. For interested people can make the drive longer visiting Dolakha and Charikot around places of religious interest.

On reaching Kathmandu and back to your hotel, after a marvelous visit to beautiful Kalinchowk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers will be surprised to find good food menu of varieties, from Tibetan, Nepali, Indian and Chinese to Continental. Includes long list of snacks and drinks for the customer delights in most lodges on treks. 

The lodge accommodation are nice and lovely according to the choices of the trekkers. From budget to standard accommodation at Kuri Bazaar at Kalinchowk, where one can have the option of common or with attached bath and toilets. 
Most lodges are simple and clean with nice rooms with large and warm dining rooms. 

In early days it was seldom visited only for prayer and worship by Hindu followers and pilgrims. But over the years from past decade, it is getting more popular among domestic tourist and visitors. Foreigners hardly visits due to lack of knowledge of the area and its location. In near future it will be famous and most popular touristic destinations due to its beautiful countryside of lovely green hills and valleys with the backdrop of Himalayan snow peaks. As well more good lodges and resorts have been built with great food to enjoy along with the views.

All lodges have hydro-power to run electricity, or by solar power, where visitors can charge their electronic items and gadgets. As for internet and Wi-Fi, have connection. Depending upon the areas in deep gorge and valley, as well weather wise, can be disturbing with bad receptions. The local SIM is best, which can be bought in Kathmandu at reasonable cost.

Spring season from March to May. The whole areas around Kalinchowk Valley will be bright and lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom. The surrounding forest of Langtang area looks magical as natural wild garden. Visitors can observe the wildflowers of all colors and different species. Especially the rhododendron flowers of great variation from tall trees to short bush.

Truly an enchanting place to experience during the spring time of March to May when the hills are alive and bright with wildflowers.

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