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    • Enjoy the unparalleled panoramic views of 360° range of Himalayan peaks.
Mind-blowing views from the take-off to landing at Kathmandu domestic airport. 

    • Spacious seated aircraft with the comfort of a window seats for all passengers.

    • Spectacular scenery of the country’s amazing landscapes of hills, and valleys.

    • A flight to enchantment facing glorious Mt. Everest with range of snow peaks
‘an exciting thrill for an hour or less with unparalleled views of the Himalayas’ 
The Mountain Flight is also referred to as the Everest flight, which is the main highlight of the tour. Most passengers are much excited just to catch glimpse of the world’s highest peak the majestic Mt. Everest. Towers high as number one at 8,848.86 m / 29,031 feet, straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet / China.

One of the best and most wonderful ways to view Mt. Everest and other giant peaks of the Nepal Himalayas. Is joining in for a pleasant and scenic Mountain Flight in the comfort of spacious seated aircraft. Where all can enjoy the exciting panoramic views of the Himalayan chain of snow-capped peaks.

A perfect leisure moment to enjoy the short trip flying across the Himalayas, overlooking views of the Himalayas. From Manaslu, Ganesh, and Langtang Himal, the plane heads northeast covering most of the world’s highest peaks. Includes Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho-Oyu, and Mt. Makalu as far towards Mt. Kanchenjunga on the far eastern horizon. 

Truly a breathtaking and awesome experience on Mountain Flight, which starts early morning from 7 a.m. onwards till mid-day. If the day is promising for glorious views of the Himalayan mountain range. Nevertheless, an enjoyable and exciting flight of an hour or less, depending upon the models of the aircraft.

Itinerary for Mountain Flight:
Morning by early 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. getting ready to be picked by our staff.
 For the short drive to the Kathmandu domestic airport, after checking in and getting hold of a boarding pass. Then get checked with the security personnel, after getting through a short drive to the respective airline's plane parking area. Getting on board as time for the lift-off, enjoy the panorama of Kathmandu city and the valley.

The plane heads higher facing tremendous views of the Himalayan chain of peaks, then the plane divers east. Facing views of staggering giant peaks Mt. Everest at a mere distance from other majestic mountains. 
The plane turns back so that the passenger on the other side can have the opportunity to enjoy the views.

Seating on both sides of the aircraft is enjoyable and relaxing along with the stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas. Slowly the plane lowers down to land at the airport, then completes the refreshing morning on Mountain Flight. As you step out of the air terminal our staff will receive you for a short drive back to your hotels. After delightful and mesmerizing moments on Mountain Flight.

Important Note

Route of Mountain flight: Across Central to Mid-East Himalayan range.
Flight duration: An hour or less, depending upon the aircraft. 
Starting and Ending Point: Kathmandu domestic airport and vice-versa.

Types of airplanes for Mountain Flight:
In Nepal Mountain scenic flight includes various models of airplanes as per respective private airlines. Including semi-government and national flag carrier Nepal Airlines. Most airlines operate Mountain Flight using the ATR 72-500, ATR 42-320, and BEECH 1900 D. All these aircraft have modern avionics, instruments, and airframe which are in a modern jetliner. 
The seating capacities for mountain flights are 16 for BEECH 1900 D and 24 and 36 for ATR 42-320 and ATR 72-500 respectively. Some airlines also use ATR 72-500, which is a twin-engine turboprop powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW 127 engines. Having a seating capacity of 36 passengers for the mountain flight. 
Another type of aircraft used is the Jetstream 41 with two 1230 KW (1650 SHP), Honeywell TPE 331-14, and GR/HR turboprop engine. Equipped with five-blade propellers with a seating capacity of 18 passengers on mountain flights.
The Best Seasons for Mountain Flight:
 Interested people can join on this exciting Mountain Flight, nearly all seasons of the year on a nice clear morning. Except for the wet months of monsoon, starts from mid-June to August. The best seasons are spring and autumn/fall. 
The spring starts from March to May when days are longer with enough sunlight hours. Normally the morning till mid-afternoon days are clear for views and scenic walks can get overcast late afternoon sometimes. 
The next high season is autumn/fall, from September to November, most days are fine and crystal clear. One can enjoy a pleasant Mountain flight with glorious views of surrounding snow-capped peaks. Days are much shorter due to limited sunlight hours, cold afternoons, and nights till morning time. The winter times of December to February are also a good time with a clear and sunny morning. But it will be cold with freezing temperatures in the morning, and requires warm gear on Mountain Flight in winter times. 

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